Ex Ømerta

Ex Ømerta

Alternative Garage Hard Rock Rock


Dale McIntyre
1-24 Stradford St. Winnipeg MB Canada R2Y1S
1 204 230 8173


Convention and compromise are enemies of creativity. They’re also ideas that the three members of Ex Ømerta have outright renounced in their pursuit of undiluted and unadulterated musical exhilaration. The fact is that the Winnipeg-based trio thrives in a setting of controlled chaos, refusing to adhere to any set of rules imposed on them. And they’ve heard their fair share in their time together – drummers can’t be lead singers. Bad Brains and Primus shouldn’t be uttered in the same breath as Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes… Ex Ømerta spits in their figurative faces.
Using the urban underground of Winnipeg as the inspirational landscape for their music, this three-piece outfit has carved a sound all their own. dirty, loud, and chaotic, yet sweet, melodic, and quirky all in one. Lyrics of romantic longing, too many late nights, and the odd verse of Kanye-like hubris document the after-hours lifestyle the band has become accustomed to on their path for musical identity. 
This is a band that combines the locked-in rock of Royal Blood with the seductive groove of Arctic Monkeys and pure punk rock piss and vinegar in a combustible concoction that defies both definition and decorum. It’s also a band whose members’ individual talents are matched only by their collective focus and ambition.
Make no mistake. they lock into sync and use their musical powers to push the envelope with their songwriting.
From the stage, the band is pure intensity and energy incarnate. The only predictable element is unpredictability. Their name alludes to a code of honour that rejects authority and establishment – including those of the mainstream music industry. 
Forming in January 2017 and quickly pairing with Montreal-based producer Mike Nash (Blue Rodeo, Mise En Scene), the band's coming year sees them releasing a four-song EP and two accompanying music videos, as well as undertaking two national tours. 
Never compromising originality for convention in anything they touch, Ex Ømerta play only to appease the need for adrenaline-fuelled anarchy in all of us.




"Sink In"


Sink In Official Music Video by Ex Ømerta

Ex Omerta- Zayn live at The Handsome Daughter by Ex Ømerta


Ex Ømerta

Ex Ømerta Ex Ømerta

Released: July 5, 2019

Producer: Mike Nash

Label: Pipe & Hat

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