Folk Hip Hop Indie Rap Singer/songwriter Spoken Word


Dagen Perrott under the name “Featherfall” draws from a diverse collection of influences from “Backpack rap” to “punk” and “Old Country” and aims to dive headfirst into telling stories of mental health, coming of age, and nostalgia. Blurring the lines between rap and spoken word, at the heart of every piece is a story of hope when in the darker corners of life.

Dagen Perrott fell in love with story telling at a young age, beyond just music he works as an actor, and produces various theatre projects. Born on the prairies, Dagen Perrott, has roamed all over Canada. however, is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Make it (produced by Tellingbeatzz) [Demo] by Featherfall

Interlude (Prod: NK Music) [Demo] by Featherfall

Knock On Wood (Produced by Syndrome) [Demo] by Featherfall

Break Me Down (Prod Juneaux Beats) [Demo] by Featherfall


Peter Pan EP

Peter Pan EP Featherfall

Released: March 31, 2017

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Aether EP

Aether EP Featherfall

Released: January 4, 2016

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