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Fold Paper


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Fold Paper is the post-punk brainchild of Chell Osuntade. Originally from Nigeria, Osuntade's family moved to rural Michigan when he was just a toddler, but it wasn't till Ostuntade moved to the frozen plains of Winnipeg in his late teens that he found himself being fully engulfed by the local music scene.

Over the past 5 years Osuntade has been building up a name for himself as a reliable sideman. which found him touring internationally with the likes of JayWood and Super Duty Tough Work. Eventually Osuntade decided it was time to create a band that would continue to carry his aura while also showing a new side of his musical creativity.

Osuntade is dedicated to nudging post-punk revivalism into a hopeful and inclusive future. leading by example that black folks can also thrive within the genre. Leaning into its wiry energy, Fold Paper lets a head rush of jittery rhythms and glorious slashed guitars guide each arrangement towards thrilling dimensions that sees the group take cues from contemporary post-punk stalwarts like Unschooling, Palm, Stuck, Floatie, Blessed, etc. 

Fold Paper's debut single "Medical Jargon" is a prime example of what Osuntade and crew are capable of and cements their place as one of Canada's premiere bands to watch.


Chelliot Osuntade
1 431 335 3630


Medical Jargon



"Medical Jargon" from Medical Jargon


Fold Paper live at Argyle Studios "From The Attic" by Fold Paper

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