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Fred Dugdale
Winnipeg MB Canada
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Papa John’s Blues was formed by John Perry and his lovely wife Debbie Profit in 2011. John and Debbie carry a guitar with them almost everywhere they go and have been practicing and playing at parties and campsites for over 25 years! It was a fairly short step from campfire to public performance. 

The group’s music reflects the ‘60s and ‘70s music that the members grew up listening to and playing (Eric Clapton and such). Preferring to be mainly acoustic, PJB performs using microphones and direct input into an amplified sound system. PJB continues to present music with a subtle edge. 

The group has performed at banquets, birthday parties, house concerts, charitable events, private functions and windups. Although Papa John’s Blues tends to appeal to a mature audience, many young people find that they love this era of music.

In August 2012, while John was involved with the 1st Annual Winnipeg BBQ and Blues Festival held in Exhibition Park, he met Fred Dugdale, who was also a member of Blues Manitoba (the Manitoba Blues Society) (replaced by River City Blues Society) and was there playing blues harp (cross-harp [2nd position] harmonicas). Fred also adds vocal experience and harmonies. 

Adding Fred to the band was an instant success and Papa John’s Blues has never sounded better. Please contact PJB by email at



Bell Tower Community Café - Meet Fred by Fred Dugdale

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