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Meet aspiring singer/songwriter Gigi, a young bilingual artist that takes pride in blending two worlds together by creating songs that feature both French and English lyrics. Having had to migrate around the world from a young age, Gigi was exposed to all types of music the world had to offer.

Although she’d been singing from a young age she only took the industry seriously at sixteen when a Winnipeg artist, Dark Spade the Ace, invited her to sing a hook on his track.

“The experience was mind blowing. It just opened up this whole different world for me. I went from singing to a bunch of stuffed animals, to singing in a booth, to working up the courage to sing live at a talent show.”

Her musical influences cross cultural lines as her music similarly knows no boundaries.

“I didn’t want to limit myself to which audience I could reach out to. I just wanted to create music where I didn’t have to choose between a French audience or an English one. I wanted to be heard bilingually.’’

Gigi is currently a student at Living Music Ink, studying the craft of performing.

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