Gillian Hayek

Gillian Hayek

Alternative Folk Pop Singer/songwriter


Gillian is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She writes songs for vocals, piano, and ukulele. However, she can play many other instruments including the clarinet, alto saxophone, ocarina, bamboo flute, and many other odd little instruments. Still she spends most of her time singing at her piano.

Gillian writes songs that are not only pleasing to the ear, but pleasing to the soul. She writes mainly from experience and has no problem putting every emotion, thought, and fear into her words. Her instrumentation is beautiful and comes naturally to her. She took a couple years of piano lessons when she was younger but is mainly self-taught as she did not enjoy lessons at that stage in her life.

Her lyrics are on a whole other level. She gets an idea of what she wants to say and transforms it into poetry in the form of a song. Although she will sometimes tell stories of what her songs are about, she prefers to not be overly open about them so listeners may draw their own conclusions and find their own meaning to it. Gillian often writes songs that can be interpreted in many different ways. She even has a couple songs that have multiple meanings to her depending on how she feels. It’s her own way of sharing herself with the audience.




"Close Enough" from Close Enough - Single


Turn Around (Live)- Gillian Hayek by Gillian Hayek

Loyal (Live) - Gillian Hayek by Gillian Hayek

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