Heartbeat City

Heartbeat City

Folk Indie


Ian Neufeld La Rue
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 791 6700


Heartbeat City was born in the ashes under the banners of authenticity and optimism. Their debut full-length, Thunder Amongst Us is a 10-song collection of indie-folk-rock tunes perfectly showcases La Rue’s deeply personal lyrics and infectious melodies. Produced by La Rue and Michael P. Falk at Winnipeg’s Paintbox Recording, Thunder Amongst Us continues La Rue’s sonic explorations and lyrical integrity with the group of Winnipeg music veterans that currently make up Heartbeat City – Louis Léveques Côté (Boats, Naked Sex) on bass and Luke Bergen (Boats) on drums.

Ian La Rue has consistently represented the twinned principles of longevity and change. Since 1998, La Rue has woven himself into the diverse fabric of the Winnipeg music community in projects that showcase his songwriting, as well as in his spirited collaborations with artists as varied as hardcore act Flesh Auger, mellow indie-rockers Les Jupes and The Paperbacks or poetry/performance collective Poortree. On his solo releases (2005’s “Catalyst & Conquered” and 2006’s “Bull Days”), La Rue brought his vision to life using careful, layered textures (“These songs sound like they’re gritting their teeth,” said Exclaim magazine, “trying to contain themselves within a sense of hurried insistence that is cloaked in flowing, acoustic atmospheres.”) On his 2010 release, “A History of Layers”, Ian backed himself with The Condor, allowing for a more straightforward guitar/bass/drums approach with a group of seasoned, skilled players (including Les Jupes’ Michael P. Falk).

Touring extensively with his catalogue of songs in both formats (solo and band) and with a variety of musicians has allowed La Rue to let his work grow and change with him in an organic, powerful and unprecedented way. Yet the strength of the lyrics, with their relentless exploration of social injustice – as well as the unfettered joys to be found beneath the pain and the debris —remain a constant, connecting with listeners across the globe.

"(Heartbeat City's) debut ranges from spirited folk-rock to wistful mellow gold." AUX.tv

"Thunder Amongst Us is the kind of album that doesn't have a miss on it." Confront Magazine

"A tremendous pop ear is on display...sparks of near genius." Snob's Music blog




"Lighthouse" from Thunder Amongst Us


LOFT SESSIONS "Walker" by Heartbeat City

'Thunder Amongst Us' - Behind-the-scenes by Heartbeat City

Lighthouse by Heartbeat City


Thunder Amongst Us

Thunder Amongst Us Heartbeat City

Released: August 7, 2015

Producer: Ian Neufeld La Rue, Michael P Falk

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A History of Layers

A History of Layers Heartbeat City

Released: February 12, 2010

Producer: Ian La Rue

Label: Independent

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Bull Days

Bull Days Heartbeat City

Released: December 16, 2006

Producer: Ian La Rue

Label: independent

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Catalyst & Conquered

Catalyst & Conquered Heartbeat City

Released: March 1, 2005

Producer: Ian La Rue

Label: n/a

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