House Handshake

House Handshake



Winnipeg MB Canada R3m2b1


Despite the shocking fact that House Handshake has been together for a little over a year. they have been making some incredibly big waves.


After headlining their first of two festivals last summer and booking more shows last year than they could’ve previously fathomed - they hopped on the chance to work with Lloyd Peterson of Paintbox Studios to record their first EP. released in February 2019.


The strikingly harmonic six-piece sensation is comprised of two compatable lead singers. Sarah and Quinton - who doubles as one of the group's two guitarists. a pianist who plays bass. a bassist who plays ukulele. a free spirited lead guitarist and a classically trained jazz drummer. While that may seem like a bit of a mouthful, it’s a deliciously entertaining one.

Like other great musicians throughout history. each House Handshake member loves one another through and through and call one another their ‘chosen family’. Anytime you see them perform or talk with them backstage, you notice how they lead with love and want everyone to feel welcome in the community they have created. Connection and community are important to one of the few bands who live with nearly all their bandmates.

Love and Music, and real life experiences can give the world common ground. Let the music speak for itself and let House Handshake show you what it’s like to truly love a music filled life.




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