House Handshake

House Handshake



Winnipeg MB Canada R3m2b1


House Handshake’s members moved into central Winnipeg just before 2018 started and since that time they've proven themselves as a member of the music community. They’ve played over 40 gigs and counting in 2018 alone and is one of the fastest emerging bands in Winnipeg. Their sets are a joyful performance of sensual indie-folk that consist of role changes as they shift around the stage to support each other. their songs are packed with hooks, wide harmonies and personal lyrics and their catalogue is large enough to find a place on any bill.

House Handshake is the love between four individuals expressed with their music. In the songs are shared stories of the past, the present and the hopeful future. Sarah Greco and Quinton Poitras harmonize and lead their stories with their chosen family. Tanner Link, Darrell Anderson, Brennan Saul and Tate Hiebert. 

Collectively we are the chosen members of our family. striving to bring this world together through our love of music- always living life in the moment. 


Mmhmm by House Handshake

Seven Deadly Sins by House Handshake

Like A Cigarette by House Handshake

Slipped Through The Cracks by House Handshake

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