House of Wonders

Alternative Indie Pop Rock

House of Wonders


House of Wonders is a label and recording space in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


House of Wonders Records is committed to music exuding character and passion made by interesting people. We believe in the magic that comes from pairing devotion with discovery. Our artists are discovering truth in sound.


House of Wonders is a recording space that was founded on the belief that you don't need a big studio to make a great record. It’s the idea that who is in the room and the time spent in the room is more important than what is in the room. It was founded by Adam Fuhr with his band, Yes We Mystic, so that they could spend limitless hours in a place with a good vibe creating interesting music. They thought there should be a way to make records at a price that didn’t cause anyone to eat exclusively Tim Horton’s bagels during the production process (See: Fuhr, 2015).

Fuhr is committed to producing records at House of Wonders for an affordable price. This allows for the pursuit of good ideas, the perfection of arrangements and tones, the capturing of the right takes of your performance, the editing of the tracks that have been recorded - the things that make the music the very best it can be.


Adam Fuhr
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 431 478 0933


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