ILLA Musick

ILLA Musick

Hip Hop New Wave R&B Rap


Matthew Jarvis
Winnipeg MB Canada R2K4H1
1 204 996 6937


HeARTist from Winnipeg MB

ILLA Musick formally known as Zeek Illa : Born Matthew oniel Jarvis

Sounds like Nas , Drake , kid cudi , Lacrae , Kevin Gates.

Influenced by slick rick , Nas , Bob Marley , Damien Marley, Drake ,  Pharrell Williams , ice cube , Lil Wayne , Bryson tiller , Jay z , classified , Merkules , Roy woods , dej loaf , Ace Hood , Fresh I.E,  Scribe Music , Lacrae,

ILLA Musick(illustrating Love Loyalty Ambition) also known as "Zeek illa" is a one of a kind Artist who by blood sweat and tears has made a name for himself.

Born in Winnipeg Manitoba and being raised in Toronto Ontario a portion of his child hood he has been spreading nationally and also up and coming on a international level.

Brief history
Born Matthew Jarvis(also known as zeek) through rough conditions he has always had a passion for music since a very young age , going all the way back to when he jus 4 years old.

From his start in 2007 to his hiatus  in 2013 and going through some life issues he managed to get back to the music in 2017 with a new take and outlook on everything to take it more serious than ever. He wants to help other find their outlets and express themselves through workshops and entertainment.

He is known to be humble, shy and reserved but when it comes to recording/performing ILLA can raise the roof and bring a sound like no other. Starting in high school cafeteria and school dances he realized he could do this. Performing over 400 shows(opening for artists such as Obie trice , slaughterhouse - Joe budden, Royce 5'9, Joell Ortiz , bone thugs n Harmony , ILL BILL , Merkules,  Fresh I.E , and many more)
ILLA has released 4 solo projects.. "Be for my time"(2013), "2088"(2013) to his latest "The Mission - blood sweat n tears"(2018) and "The Mission 2.0"(2018) and has been on numerous projects and mixtapes  from artist's around the country and the world. Getting alot of his recognition from his start up time with Heatbag records and Winnipeg's most With Brooklyn(2007-2012) and also a label he helped form(illfament 2012-13) which eventually he'd move on to a solo Career to form another company(VividVisioNZ/Team No Sleep canada) and now is working with Streetkillaz ent. A company focused on Music and a healthy lifestyle. Team No sleep is all about not sleep on yourself and the visions you were given.

At a early age he was listening to pop stars like Michael Jackson and Prince to Rap legends such as slick rick and public enemy and KRS one as he grew so did his wide range of variety and taste in music. Influenced by Mase , 2pac , Drake ,  Pharrell Williams , ice cube , Lil Wayne , Bryson tiller , Jay z , classified , Merkules , Roy woods , dej loaf , Ace Hood and many more ILLA has a strong voice and a message he wants the world to hear and has no thought of stopping.

The Mission
The goal has always been to share the gift before a thought of fame or success, he always wanted to express himself through rhythm and poetry. Growing up in poverty seeing the conditions and lifestyles people endured he always wanted to help people get out of the cycle of drugs alcoholism depression and crime which can lead to an early grave. Experiencing these nightmares first hand , dodging death and being locked up behind bars , having children of his own he knows how hard it can be just on a day to day basis he has changed his life fully around from addictions and criminal acts he wants to spread knowledge and awareness thru music and workshops to advance a people who is seeking change just like he was.

ILLA Musick is about Pure positive and influential vibes , Thank you for your time and on behalf of ILLA Musick and management we look forward to working with you and  building a partnership, take care and many blessings !

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"Michael's secret stuff" by ILLA Musick

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