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Pop doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

At a time that genres and sub-genres are exponentially increasing in number and decreasing in relevance, suffice it to say that Indicator Indicator is a pop band – innovative, inventive, and most of all inviting left-of-centre pop that’s rich with substance but still heavy on the hooks.

“I love pop music because it’s so inclusive,” shares Sandy Taronno, the on-the-rise Winnipeg quartet’s frontman and principal songwriter. “It’s not like other genres, with built-in or even self-limiting audiences. I love the idea that pop really is a big tent that invites everyone to the party.”

Indicator Indicator – comprised of Taranno, his brother James on keys, drummer Kevin Kornelsen, and guitarist Matthew Harder – provided a perfect soundtrack for that party with their self-titled, WCMA-nominated debut in 2012 that showcased their signature sonic blend. It’s the mature power pop melodies of Wilco and The Shins; bits and blips borrowed from The Postal Service; it’s vocals sometimes reminiscent of Bon Iver, other times Bono, and Passion Pit’s synth leads. It’s all of these things and more – refreshing, wide reaching, inclusive. And soon, they’re going to need a bigger tent for their party.

Initially somewhat of a solo project for Taronno, Indicator Indicator has since transformed into something more collaborative, more communal. Taronno says the tracks from Elan Locomotif are notable in the amount of time that he and Redekopp spent shaping them and maximizing their impact. “And I definitely think people are going to hear that,” he says. “It’s still got that element of spontaneity to it, like any good music does, but it’s sharper and more focused.”

Lyrically, it explores themes like self-control, self-awareness, self-consciousness – “inner monologues, but sometimes in the second person,” Taronno reveals, “accepting that schizophrenic quality we all have and accepting that consistency of self is a charade.” They’re lofty and intellectual subjects in and of themselves, though presented so that they’re easy to latch onto – another approach borrowed from the pioneers of pop.

As accessible as they are on record, Indicator Indicator are perhaps best served from the stage, offering a more organic and ultimately energetic take on new songs and favouritesalike. Their onstage presence and prowess has already earned them billings at major festivals like CMW, NXNE, and BreakOut West plus supporting slots alongside the likes of Lights and We Are The City. They’ll be hitting the highway in 2015, with dates across North America and overseas, putting their assured, passionate performances in front of new eyes and ears.
“It’s true of music these days that there are very few parameters,” Taronno says, and Indicator Indicator’s brand of pop folded into lo-fi folk and streaks of synth is proof of that. They can erase any preconceptions associated with pop music, so ditch the stigma and join the party.



Love is Not Enough by Indicator Indicator

LOFT SESSION "Back Into the Fire" by Indicator Indicator

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Edie\Abel Indicator Indicator

Released: October 21, 2016

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Swarm/Love is Not Enough

Swarm/Love is Not Enough Indicator Indicator

Released: October 1, 2013

Label: Independent

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Indicator Indicator

Indicator Indicator Indicator Indicator

Released: September 30, 2012

Producer: Sandy Taronno, John Paul Peters

Label: Independent

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