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Jared Adams


As a solo artist, singer-songwriter Jared Adams might be a new name to many, but his signature 'heavy folk' sound certainly isn't - it's something that was developed and honed over years of hard work in Winnipeg's music scene.

Although Adams began performing with a wide range of projects in 2006, it wasn't until 2013 that he first began to draw attention as co-frontman of Colour by Numbers - Winnipeg's self-professed 'nerdiest alt-rock band'.

Building on years of Colour by Numbers' melodically sophisticated, harmony-drenched pop hooks, Adams' solo project marries gentle acoustic vibes with huge, earworm-inducing choruses - all anchored by the type of introspective, sardonic lyrics he's become known for.

Kicking off in 2019 with a performance at the iconic Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Adams' solo venture culminated a year later with the release of Tragic Nostalgia, an eclectic and unexpected mix of alt-rock, self-reflective folk, and layered, bombastic pop hooks.

Tragic Nostalgia, recorded by John Paul Peters (Propagandhi, Royal Canoe, Yes We Mystic), explores the theme of growing old while still trying to hold onto the things you knew when you were younger.

“For a lot of people, nostalgia is a happy memory,” says Adams, “but on this album, I dug into old feelings and emotions that resonated more strongly with me over the years.

More often than not, those weren’t necessarily the happy ones.”

Adams says the process of capturing his personal history and converting those experiences into songs was a cathartic one.

“Though the title and lyrical content may seem dark, I think the overall subtext is not to dwell on the wasted years and ‘what ifs’, but to keep moving forward and create new memories to look back on with fondness.”

You can hear Tragic Nostalgia at tragicnostalgia.ca and on all streaming services.


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