Jazz Inuit / Sonlight Operations

Francophone Gospel Hip Hop Urban


Alpha Toshineza


Sonlight Operations is a registered business and media group that includes a few departments:

Jazz Inuit (Record Label), Audiographic Studio (Graphic Design agency) and Little Bull Creations (Arts & Crafts)

The company started as a label in the early 2000 but was only registered last year to provide a real business opportunity for Francophone hiphop acts.

Sonlight Operations has released music projects for Francophone hiphop artist Alpha Toshineza.

Music portfolio on: www.jazzinuit.com

Design portfolio on: www.behance.net/toshineza



Discography As Label

Triple A

Triple A Alpha Toshineza

Released: March 5, 2019

Producer: Jazz Inuit (Sonlight Operations), Elessar Thiessen

Label: Jazz Inuit (Sonlight Operations), Jazz Inuit / Sonlight Operations

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