Jesse Matas

Jesse Matas

Experimental Folk Roots Singer/songwriter


Jesse Matas


Best Album of 2018 - Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio (ON)

Best Album of 2018 - Witchpolice Radio (MB)

Best 'Americana' Album of 2018 - The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show (UK)

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"There's torrid introspection in his imagery as he explores humanity's strengths and weaknesses"  - David Innes, RnR Magazine

"Stunning debut channelling timeless musical touchstones and much more.  9/10.” - Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK

“A quietly confident classic in the making. ★★★★★.” - Marc Higgins, Northern Sky Magazine

“You can tell he’s a poet” - Frank Hennessey, Radio BBC Wales

“Sounds good to us!”  - Iain Anderson, Radio BBC Scotland

"This is a very, very, very good album [...] more feeling to this song than a bag full of feelings made out from feelings-cloth bought from the shop of feelings on feelings-street in feelings-town." - Richard Harris


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Over a week in December 2017, Tamarock was recorded in a small, warm studio in Winnipeg with some of the finest-natured humans in Canada. Tamarock is Jesse's first release since 2014, when the Crooked Brothers’ released their third album Thank You, I’m Sorry. The album received nominations for CFMAs and WCMAs and was toured in 11 countries.​







Tamarock Jesse Matas

Released: November 21, 2018

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