Music industry gathering. Heart of the country. Middle of the winter.

January 24 – 27, 2019
Manitoba Music, 1-376 Donald St, Winnipeg
$60 Members & Big Fun performers, $90 Non-Members 
Register online at manitobamusic.com/workshops/register,workshop/92631/

The sixth edition of JMM welcomes some of Canada’s top music industry pros in a conference format that includes group sessions, discussion groups, networking mixers, and one-on-one meetings. Reps from the label, agency, management, festival, recording, and publicity sides of the industry will converge on Winnipeg to discuss the state of Canada’s independent music industry and provide concrete advice on how to succeed in the constantly evolving music business. January Music Meeting offers Manitoba's music community a rare opportunity to network with a cross section of tastemakers and experts while connecting with local artists and industry peers. 

The JMM weekend pass is $60 for Manitoba Music members and $90 for non-members. All JMM events will take place in the Manitoba Music, 1-376 Donald Street, unless otherwise listed. Space is limited and advance registration is strongly encouraged. 

JMM is made possible by the generous support of the Province of Manitoba through Industry Services of Manitoba Education and Training, FACTOR through the financial support of the Government of Canada and Canada's private radio broadcasters, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, and The SOCAN Foundation. This year’s January Music Meeting sponsors include CIMA, SOCAN, MROC, and True North Sports + Entertainment.

January Music Meeting Panelists:

Alex Bonenfant, Sleepless Records
Amanda Schweers, The Feldman Agency
Ayo Leilani, Witch Prophet
Brooke Morgan, Graceless Lady Management
Cai Trefor, Gigwise
David Amar, CoveyLaw
Dougie Bohay, Deckstar Management
Duncan McKie, FACTOR
Elliott Walsh, Studio 393
Erin Kinghorn, eEk! Productions
Geoff Goddard, Frontside Group
Hill Kourkoutis, producer/songwriter/artist
Jamie Sitar, Outta Town Sound
Jason Burnstick, JUST TV at the BNC/Artist
Jörg Tresp, DevilDuck Records
Joy Balmana, Synonym Art Consultation
Julia Train, MROC
Kiana 'Rookz' Eastmond, Sandbox Studios
Racquel Villagante, SOCAN
Uzoma Asagwara, QPOC Winnipeg / RPN BScPN


Thursday, January 24

All panels take place at 376 Donald Street, except where noted, on either the first floor (Manitoba Music Resource Centre) or the second floor directly above. 

6:00PM | Representation & Intersectionality in Music at The Tallest Poppy
Moderator: Uzoma Asagwara, QPOC Winnipeg / RPN BScPN
Speakers: Elliott Walsh, Studio 393; Jason Burnstick, Just TV/Artist; Joy Balmana, Synonym Art Consultation; Rookz, Sandbox Studios; Witch Prophet, Artist
About: Conversations around representation and intersectionality in music have been increasingly in the spotlight. How do we as a music community create real and progressive change and equity in the industry? Join community members for a free panel discussion exploring current issues and tangible ways forward with a focus on gender, sexuality, ability, and the experiences of Black people, Indigenous people, People Colour, and the people who exist at those intersections. More info

Friday, January 25

1:00PM | Registration and Introductions on first floor

2:00PM | Success Stories: Meet the Panelists on first floor
Moderator: Elise Roller
Speakers: ALL
About: We have searched high and low, far and wide, for music industry professionals, artists, and tastemakers who will be bringing their experience and guidance to Manitoba's music community. In this Q+A we will spend a couple minutes with each delegate to hear briefly about their journey, their job, and what it takes to be on their radar.

3:30PM | Career-Building Tour Routing & International Visas on first floor
Moderator: Andrea Davis, Manitoba Music
Speakers: Brooke Morgan, Graceless Lady Management; Geoff Goddard, Frontside; Jörg Tresp, DevilDuck Records; Amanda Schweers, The Feldman Agency; David Amar, CoveyLaw
About: With a few small tours under your belt, and the desire to take your music beyond borders, how can you maximize the success of your touring? In this panel, we will discuss how insights, charting, and targeting your market with intention can change the game, while diving into some common questions about US visas and border laws.

3:30PM | Revenue & Royalty Streams on second floor
Presented by MROC
Moderator: Stephen Carroll, Manitoba Film & Music
Speakers: Julia Train, MROC; Racquel Villagante, SOCAN
About: The meeting of art and commerce can be a tricky one, and one key place where these two worlds meet is in the realm of royalty collection. Understanding royalties can seem daunting to even a seasoned musician, its complexities feeling insurmountable, like an instructional manual written in an unknown language. Presented by MROC, this panel will navigate rights management and learn how artists can collect the royalties that are out there waiting to be claimed.

6:30-7:30PM | Networking Mixer at The Forks Market

7:30PM-10:00PM | Manitoba Music Showcase at The Forks Market
Featuring: JayWood, Silence Kit, and Apollo Suns
About: Manitoba Music and Big Fun team up to host the annual Manitoba Music Showcase at The Forks on January 25 featuring three buzz-worthy emerging local acts. This is a great opportunity to connect with your JMM peers and panelists. More info

Saturday, January 26

10:00AM-11:00AM | How to Be or Start Your Own Record Label on first floor
Moderator: Elise Roller, Manitoba Music
Speakers: Brooke Morgan, Graceless Lady Management; Jörg Tresp, DevilDuck Records; Erin Kinghorn, eEK! Productions; Alex Bonenfant, Sleepless Records
About: With the rise of independent labels and DIY musicians, it is easier than ever to release music without the support of big record companies. Without a record deal, and artist becomes their own label. This panel will review the strategies that need to be in place to make an impact in the ever-growing, over-saturated release market, as a small record label or independent artist.

11:30AM | How to Write and Record Music that Stands Out on second floor
Moderator: Rookz, Sandbox Studios
Speakers: Cai Trefor, Gigwise; Dougie Bohay, Deckstar Management; Hill Kourkoutis, Producer/Artist; Alex Bonenfant, Sleepless Records; Jamie Sitar, Outta Town Sound
About: Home studios and the DIY artist are becoming increasingly popular in music creation. With the ability to mass produce songs, locally, in an independent environment, how can artists and producers ensure that they are making music that will stand out and measure up to the songs that are making the greatest impact? In this panel discussion, we will hear from industry professionals and music creators about the considerations that should be taken when trying to gain the attention of label A&Rs, music critics, and music fans alike.

11:30AM | Radio Relevancy in Modern Music on first floor
Moderator: Andrea Davis, Manitoba Music
Speakers: Amanda Schweers, The Feldman Agency; Erin Kinghorn, eEK! Productions; Brooke Morgan, Graceless Lady Management; Geoff Goddard, Frontside
About: Streaming has become the primary source for music consumption and online media, the number one source for music news. With the new way listeners are engaging with music, where does radio fit in with this change and how should artists be using it to approach their release campaign? Industry professionals from the radio, label, marketing, and agency world will discuss the impact that radio still has on touring and release strategies in the modern day.

1:00PM | Lunch break **please bring your own lunch**

1:30PM | Star Power Stage Presence on second floor
Presented by True North Sports & Entertainment
Moderator: Elise Roller, Manitoba Music
Speakers: Cai Trefor, Gigwise; Amanda Schweers, Feldman Agency; Hill Kourkoutis, Producer/Artist; Alex Bonenfant, Sleepless Records
About: The live show is one of the most important elements to gaining fans, marketing music, and earning the attention of a team that can take your music to the next level. In a highly competitive performance market, and given that first impressions are everything, artists must be prepared to wow their audiences every time they step on stage. We will be receiving expert advice from experienced professionals about tips, tricks, and the importance of thinking like a star.

1:30PM | The Fundamentals of Music Career Management on first floor
Presented by CIMA
Moderator: Rookz, Sandbox Studios
Speakers: Brooke Morgan, Graceless Lady Management; David Amar, CoveyLaw; Dougie Bohay, Deckstar Management; Jörg Tresp, DevilDuck Records; Witch Prophet, Artist
About: Whether you are an artist manager or a self-managed artist, organization, professionalism, and strategic planning are the keys to impactful career development. Hearing from artist managers and developers, this panel will outline what it takes to move an artist career forward in the fast-paced, ever-changing music industry.

3:00PM | One-on-One Meetings on second floor
Go to goo.gl/forms/5Hj10DJLAHAPIzI22 for more information and registration.

Sunday, January 27

11:00AM | State of the Industry Brunch on first floor
Presented by SOCAN
Moderator: Sean McManus, Manitoba Music
Speakers: ALL