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Jordan Jackiew


I think for new artists these days, singles are really really important, and singles that have videos.  Youtube videos posted to Facebook, that is.    

I grew up to my dad's playlists, and they were basically all singles from the 1950s and up.  I play in an event band, and every weekend I get to see everyone's reaction to the hundred's of songs we throw at them.  You learn that there's a reason that some of these songs have lasted this long.  

As a producer and a mixer, I try to work on singles with artists. What's your best song? What's your most popular one?  How can we get it to more people? How can we increase your audience?  

I also do scoring and programming for corporate use and advertising, and again you get a handle on what people want, and what companies think will sell.  

It's an incredible time to break out as an independent artist, and if you'd like to chat about mixing a single or producing one from scratch, I'd love to hear from you! 

I won a juno for Producing a record for Amanda Falk some years back,  another 2 for  engineering and mixing on records for Greg Sczebel.   Past clients include Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls,  Chris Mann on Christina Aguilera's team on The Voice,  Jeremy Riddle and Bethel Music,  Meiko,  pianist virtuoso Eric Lewis,  and a bunch of other inspired artists.  

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Random Guitar Session by Jordan Jackiew

The beginning (or end) of MakeProMusic production tutorial series. by Jordan Jackiew

Video for a song I did with Dana Bean and Carlin Lemon by Jordan Jackiew

Discography As Producer


Malfunktion Mal Magorel

Released: August 21, 2015

Producer: Jay Tooke, Accidental Sounds, Nashville TN, Jordan Jackiew, Studio 11 Entertainment and Recording Studios

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Live! EP

Live! EP Those Guys

Released: December 10, 2014

Producer: Chris Coyne, Jordan Jackiew, Nolan Balzer

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A King Has Come

A King Has Come Barbara Joy

Released: October 30, 2011

Producer: Jordan Jackiew

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Kerri Woelke - Where We Were

Kerri Woelke - Where We Were Kerji Stephens

Released: September 20, 2008

Producer: Brian James, Jordan Jackiew

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