J. Riley Hill

J. Riley Hill

Experimental Indie New Wave Pop Prog Rock Rock Singer/songwriter


J Riley Hill is a Musician and Producer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. A control freak and multi-instrumentalist, he has spent his life building a unique place for himself in the Canadian music scene. From Prince to Neil Young, Bob Marley to Frank Zappa, Hill’s work is known for it’s catchy melodies, interesting arrangements and for covering a variety of styles.

Hill has been obsessed with making all manner of art, since as long as he can remember. Learning to produce and play multiple instruments was a natural step. After forming his first band, he soon after purchased a digital recorder and started to make as much music as he could. During that time J Riley Hill booked countless tours across Canada over the last 10 years, all the while toting a slew of DIY releases under various names. Though the tours have rarely been commercially successful, Hill has gained the beginnings of a cult following for himself across the country.

In 2012, J Riley Hill released his debut album under his own name, an eclectic psychedelic poppy album,over a year in the making. The album has received notable attention from blogs in the UK, US, and back at home, and Hill is already well into making his followup.

Though the desire to have complete control has worked against him in the past, it has lent itself to creating a unique body of DIY work and a well developed individual style. J Riley Hill continues to make music that excites him, while working on building his own little world.




Fio by J. Riley Hill


J Riley Hill

J Riley Hill J. Riley Hill

Released: June 12, 2012

Producer: J Riley Hill

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