Katrina Van Humbeck

Katrina Van Humbeck

Adult Contemporary Classical Jazz Singer/songwriter


Katrina Van Humbeck
Winnipeg MB Canada
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Katrina Van Humbeck is a Winnipeg, based Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist/ Recording Artist/ Educator/and Arranger.  She was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, although she was born in Czechoslovakia, now known as Slovakia, and immigrated to Canada as an infant. This songstress may be viewed as a ‘Crossover,’ or ‘Jazz Fusion Artist.’  Katrina delivers passionate and powerful vocals, stemming from her musical roots in gospel and soul. and a finely honed vocal precision and extensive range, resulting from her classical training and background in musical theatre. 


Katrina’s musical journey began in her youth. flourishing as a theatrical singer and performer in school, to singing gospel and classical repertoire in church, and eventually thriving in the Teaching world for more than two decades, as a professional Educator of the Arts (Music, Choral, and Drama). It was a sense of personal loss in 2016 that pushed Katrina into songwriting, as a means of self-expression and her eventual transformation into a recording artist. Katrina’s debut album, Blue & Beyond, was released in February 2017, and her sophomore album, Doing A New Thing, was released eighteen months later, in October 2018.  She was mentored by, and recorded along with some of Winnipeg’s finest musicians: Jonathan Alexiuk (world class pianist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and arranger), Dr. Richard Gillis (trumpeter, head of brass at the University of Manitoba, and founder of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra), and Helen White (singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer).


Katrina has been referred to as ‘relentless, and utterly passionate, in the pursuit of her dreams of making music.’- Jayme Giesbrecht.  “Katrina’s performance style is heartfelt, genuine, expressive, sultry and fun.”- John Breland.  “Katrina sounds like a Disney princess.”- Krista Nicholson. “Not only is Katrina’s voice beautiful, but her words are inspiring.”-Nik Karter  “These are very sweet, almost fairytale like arrangements. Fans of adult contemporary ladies like Diana Krall or Amy Grant will appreciate Katrina’s approach to her music.’ –Rebecca Mattina (Canadian Beats). 


Katrina teaches private voice and directs a Vocal Jazz Ensemble at the Winnipeg Conservatory of Music. She delights in entertaining audiences around Winnipeg and abroad with her original music, and classic Jazz and soul standards, at festivals, concerts, restaurants, coffee shops, and house parties.  As an Artist, Katrina is inspired to have listeners relate to her music personally and be moved by the stories in her songs. Katrina possesses a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Theatre and Music Performance from the University of Winnipeg, and a Bachelor of Education in Theatre and Music from the University of Manitoba. 




I'll Watch You Go by Katrina Van Humbeck

I'll Remember You by Katrina Van Humbeck


Doing A New Thing

Doing A New Thing Katrina Van Humbeck

Released: October 13, 2018

Producer: Katrina Van Humbeck

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Blue & Beyond

Blue & Beyond Katrina Van Humbeck

Released: February 22, 2017

Producer: Helen White & Jonathan Alexiuk

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