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Kris Ulrich


It’s a new era for Kris Ulrich.

An incredible producer, musician, co-writer, road warrior, and friend, Kris is connective tissue in his community. A Daniel Lanois-esque man of many talents, his sonic fingerprint can be heard throughout a powerful musical movement happening in the middle of Canada and beyond. He’s has his hand in projects by Boy Golden, Field Guide, Cassidy Mann, Roman Clarke, Fontine, Dweller and more. Out of these collaborations with a fertile collection of creators, he’s found a new sonic voice for himself.

Kris’ new songs are built with a new sonic palette: production and songwriting built on driving drum machines, woozy synth layers, dogged hooks, and a clear lyrical voice. The songs are both hopeful and melancholic, simultaneously holding reflections of a dusty past played on old tape machines and the surging brightness of future possibility – all while sewn together with a tongue-in-cheek self-awareness. It harkens back to sounds from the late 2000s (see: Kings of Leon, The Stills, Wilco) and touches on newer folks like Ethan Gruska, Sam Evian and The War on Drugs. His past releases have been radio favourites and these new songs will be no different.”


Kris Ulrich
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 781 1608

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