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Lana Winterhalt


Lana Winterhalt is a Recovering Theatre Kid–dramatic, emotional, charismatic, sparkly, larger than life–all fuelled by caffeine and Zoloft. As an introverted extrovert, Lana is chaotically balanced between a life on the stage as a performer and life as a hermited music producer, crafting a sonic universe for listeners to walk around and get lost in. Lana has released 10 projects in the past 6 years, with the last 5 of those being self-made in some or all aspects of the engineering and production. she mixes dusty guitars and grandiose harmonies in an attempt to leave you feeling sparkly and weightless. Lana is nominated for Producer of the Year at the 2024 Western Canadian Music Awards.

All of this drama comes to life on her full-length album, Recovering Theatre Kid (March 23, 2024), where Lana wraps gentle feelings of nostalgia in swirls of strings and dreamy synths on songs like “Static”, and powerful feelings of betrayal and regret into epic, climactic, musical-theatre-inspired ballads on songs like “Please Don’t Let Me Go”. Lana’s insomnia takes centre stage on songs like “Rattling in My Head” and “Bean”, where late-night thoughts of insecurity and doubt are free to wander around in the silence of the night. This album is the new companion to anyone who has been told they’re “too much” or “not enough”. This album has charted on the !earshot national Top 50 and was listed in Exclaim! magazine's "8 new artists you have to hear" in April 2024. 

In addition to her work as an artist, Lana is the founder and director of the non-profit organization, the Good + Plenty Arts Collective, and their subgroup, the Good + Plenty Producer's Club. this collective seeks to diversify the Manitoba arts scene by providing more opportunities and resources for women, 2Spirit, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals interested in music prodution and audio engineering. The Good + Plenty Arts Collective won the Rising Leader award at the Women in Music Canada Honours 2024, and was nominated two years in a row for Community Excellence at the Western Canadian Music Awards. 





"Selci - Love Adorned (Lana Winterhalt Remix)" from Selci - Love Adorned (Lana Winterhalt Remix)


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