Leaf Rapids

Leaf Rapids

Alt. Country Pop Roots Singer/songwriter


Keri Latimer
43 Osborne St. PO Box 68069 Winnipeg MB Canada R3L2V


Leaf Rapids is a tiny, secluded, once thriving mining town in northern Manitoba, Canada. Keri Latimer is a tiny, reclusive, once thriving singer-songwriter who married a bass player from Leaf Rapids and stole both his and his town’s name. Under this moniker the Latimer’s travel the world performing Keri’s strange songs. That is, when she is not hiding in her Winnipeg studio, mining for treasures and helping them find their ghostly voices.

Why do we say “once thriving” singer songwriter? Is it because she hasn’t won a JUNO award since 2008, and isn’t on the Nettwerk Records label anymore with her band Nathan? Or perhaps because ever since she received a songwriting award over Canadian superstar Bryan Adams, he won’t accept her calls?

Didn’t she just receive a 2018 Breakout West Award for Visual Media Composer of the Year, compose a full length film score, and hasn’t she been featured with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on the theremin for the last 3 years? And didn’t Leaf Rapids record an album in Nashville with Steve Dawson on the Black Hen Music label, and successfully tour in Canada, the US, Europe and the UK, doesn’t this count?

Ok, ok, but when one writes about gropy lumberjacks being stabbed in the thighs by scissor wielding great grandmothers and ‘vacation’ songs that are actually about one’s Japanese ancestor’s Internment camp experiences.. well, there is likely no hope of dominating the commercial music airwaves. 

But perhaps you don’t care about that sort of thing, and would enjoy watching her wave her arms around in mid air like a mad woman conjuring melodies from an instrument you don’t touch, and weaving this into a looped soundscape of voice, guitar, bass and maybe pedal steel or banjo or what-have-you from whomever Leaf Rapids can convince to join them on stage, all the while crooning gleefully about lovers being eaten by vultures. 

Maybe you’d be interested in hearing their next album, which is slated for release in the spring of 2019, co-produced by sonic genius Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities), featuring some of the best musicians in Winnipeg, and containing what she considers to be some of her best songwriting to date, I mean, it’s no Bryan Adams...

But to be completely honest, Bryan Adams never accepted her calls in the first place. 


Lucky Stars



"Everything In Between" from Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars



"April" from Lucky Stars


There They Go by Leaf Rapids

Virginia by Leaf Rapids

LOFT SESSIONS "Virtual Machine" by Leaf Rapids

Healing Feeling by Leaf Rapids


Citizen Records

Citizen Records Leaf Rapids

Released: May 3, 2019

Producer: Leaf Rapids, Rusty Matyas

Label: Coax Records

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Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars Leaf Rapids

Released: April 17, 2015

Producer: Steve Dawson

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