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Len Bowen


Beats, rhymes and life have done changed. but the saying remains the same: it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re going. Canadian emcee LEN BOWEN is the fine line between Hip Hop’s golden age and the unknown territory in which this culture is now headed. Len Bowen’s music is what you miss about Hip Hop and what you look forward to hearing. “I’m a throw back to rhymers who made you tune out the beat”. The flow is smooth yet complex. He gives so much of himself in every verse. Len the stranded emcee, lonely and left with fire beats to kill. The future is hot. Stay tuned. His previous projects have seen the number one spot on college radio charts and the spotlight on Much Music’s sought after playlist.Look out for his upcoming release "Flow Nostalgic 2 Good Years" Drops Dec 7th/ 21 on Fourth Quarter Records.


Len Bowen




"The Breaks ft. Katya Prod by. BBS" from Flow Nostalgic


Lost Ft. DNA & MARK U by Len Bowen

Growin Pains Ft. Odario & Anthony OKS by Len Bowen

The Cure by Len Bowen

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The Breaks by Len Bowen

Central Kids by Len Bowen

My Style ft. Kast, Sir Louie the 3rd & Odario prod by. Alex Sannie by Len Bowen

Memoirs/ The Journey ft.Andrew O (of The Lytics) Grand Analog & Seun Olagunju by Len Bowen

One Life 2.0 ft. Biggs & klean by Len Bowen

Big Dreamer by Len Bowen

Late Night by Len Bowen

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