Manitoba Live Music Event

Still Crazy - The Music of Paul Simon

Friday, Oct 13, 2023 at 8pm
Sheena Rattai
Courtney Fox
Todd Martin
Kyle Wedlake
Andrew Littleford
Carter Graham
Karl Kohut
Daniel Roy
Steve Arundell
Aaron Shorr
Scott Senior
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Still Crazy: The Music of Paul Simon, a flagship concert experience from Retrospective Productions, featuring nine world class musicians paying homage to one of the most celebrated American songwriters.

Still Crazy is a powerhouse retrospective on the life, career, and music of Paul Simon. The show draws heavily on the most acclaimed era of his career, from his self-titled album, Paul Simon in 1972 through to 1990 with The Rhythm of the Saints, however it doesn’t fail to include fan favourites from his seminal work as a part of the Hall of Fame folk-duo, Simon and Garfunkel. Whether a long-time fan or a first time listener, there is truly something here for everyone. The dyanmics of the show range from whisper-quiet, intimate moments, where the band breaks down to only voice and accoustic guitar, and climb all the way to the full-out, horn section-led dance anthems from the hit album, Graceland.

The show was thoughtfully curated and carefully arranged by up-and-coming producer, Aaron Shorr. Shorr is a life-long fan of Paul Simon and the creation of this show was truly a labour of love. “This is music that has been with me since I was a young kid... When I was in high school I got my driver’s license and I had a copy of the Simon and Garfunkel Concert in Central Park. I listened to it in the car, over and over, I must have worn the tape out. Later on I got really into the record Still Crazy After All These Years. It became a record that I listened to constantly. I listened to it when I got my heart broken, listened to it when I got my bell rung... It became one of those albums that I could turn to, like a magic pill. Albums like that become your friends.”

The orchestrations and the approach to the music capture that same respect and reverence. There are subtle turns and re-imaginings, but all are deeply influenced by a tremendous amount of research. In preparation for the show, Aaron poured through every album Paul Simon had ever been a part of, including all the live recordings he could find, from official concerts to bootlegs. He read and re-read every article, book, interview, and biography. Finally, to cap it off, Aaron flew to New York to attend the very last stops on Homeward Bound - The Farewell Tour. The penultimate at Madison Square Gardens and the very last tour date of his career in Flushing, Queens, in the very same neighbourhood that Paul was born and raised.

With Paul Simon’s retirement from from the road in September of 2018, the curtain falls on one of the most illustrious recording and touring careers in modern music. Still Crazy: The Music of Paul Simon, is poised to grab the torch and carry his legacy onwards.





"Danse Pense" by Daniel Roy


Alphabête by Daniel Roy

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