Manitoba Live Music Event


Thursday, Nov 9, 2023 at 7:30pm
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
Ariel Barnes
Crescent Fort Rouge United Church
525 Wardlaw Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Ariel Barnes, Canada’s cellist!

Winnipeg audiences seem to have a unique appreciation for the cello and  Ariel Barnes  is uniquely qualified to satisfy that appetite. A player of dazzling virtuosity and magnetism, Barnes 
is, in the words of the late Maestro Bramwell Tovey, “the outstanding Canadian cellist of his generation.”

Canadians have noticed. His recordings have garnered two Western Canadian Music Awards and one JUNO nomination, and they are met with critical acclaim — not least of all his 2017 recording of Michael Oesterle’s Cello Concerto recording with the MCO. 

We could go on until we’re blue in the face listing his brilliant accomplishments. But they are a poor substitute for actually listening to Ariel — which you should go do right now. He creates a “mesmerizing musical experience” by combining his “deep personal connection” (Toronto Live Music Report), “luscious tone and technical prowess” (Vancouver Sun). 

At this concert Barnes and the MCO perform, at long last, Glenn Buhr’s new cello concerto, whose premiere was postponed by the pandemic. Buhr, formerly the WSO’s composer-in-residence, will be well-known to Winnipeggers as one of Canada’s leading composers and a favourite Manitoba musician.

The esteemed Tania Miller conducts one of Winnipeg’s most exciting fall concerts.


Ravel, Sayat-Nova & Kradjian: Troubadour and the Nightingale



"Trobairitz Ysabella: IV. From Jerusalem to Andalusia (II) " by Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

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