Manitoba Live Music Event

Jazz at the Fort Garry Hotel

Sunday, Oct 29, 2023 at 6:30pm
Adele M. Wilding
Fort Garry Hotel
222 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Adèle M. Wilding is an award-winning contemporary jazz vocalist whose performances and recordings showcase her creative gifts. She is active and in demand as a vocalist, composer, arranger, music educator and workshop clinician. Adèle’s rich, soul inflected vocals, original works, and interpretations of jazz and pop standards have earned her accolades on both sides of the Atlantic. Adèle was the Inaugural Winner of the 2005 BWA Nina Simone Award in London, UK, for which she was again nominated in 2008. She has released five commercial recordings, including her Christmas cover of Bruce Cockburn's "Shepherds" (2016), and pas de deux (2020), an EP of original songs produced and recorded with esteemed Canadian jazz artist Miles Black.

Adèle’s musical training culminated in a Bachelor of Arts With Distinction (Carleton), Master of Arts in Music Education (UoL Institute of Education), and Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music Studies: Performance, Composition and Arranging (UoL Goldsmiths College).

Recent gig highlights include launching a jazz livestream series (2021-'22), performing at the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival (2022) and performing at the Black History Month Jazz Vespers at Winnipeg's Crescent Fort Rouge United Church (2023). Adèle has also appeared in local radio and podcasts, promoting her successful African-American Spirituals courses for the Music Equals program at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts.

Adèle’s appearance at The Club at Fort Garry Hotel will feature a mix of standards and originals from existing and new projects. Joining Miss Wilding will be two of Winnipeg’s leading jazz sidemen: Bert Johnson, piano, and Karl Kohut, bass. The quartet is thrilled to welcome versatile violinist Karen Barg to the lineup.

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