Manitoba Live Music Event

Jazz at the Fort Garry Hotel

Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 at 6:30pm
Fort Garry Hotel
222 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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The temperature rises under the spotlight when Rosemarie Todaschuk’s velvety voice and dynamic stage presence kick things up with favourite jazz standards mixed with Latin, funk, blues and popular tunes. The Winnipeg Sun noted that "Todaschuk applies her velvet vocal touch to timeless classics, all of which are reproduced with enough grace and swellegance to make you feel underdressed without a tux."

Rosemarie pairs a soulful delivery with an adventurous musical spirit in songs that inspire her. Excited to be entertaining at The Club in the Fort Garry Hotel, Rosemarie’s group features an impressive cast of musicians that includes Ron Paley on piano, Karl Kohut on string bass, Owen Clark on percussion, and Niall Cade on saxophones. With her cultural origins being Ukrainian, Rosemarie is also excited about uniting with Yarynka Chepiha, a talented singer and pianist from Kyiv, Ukraine.

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