Manitoba Live Music Event

Deep Disco at Nuit Blanche

Saturday, Sep 23, 2023 at 9pm
Marco Castillo & Brazilian Beats
Cantor Dust
Stiff Wiggle
Send Dunes
The Smoky Tiger
93 Gomez St
Winnipeg, MB
The Gentle Folk

Latin Jazz


Dive into our surreal world of art and music presented by The GentleFolk, an arts collective with a mission to empower local artists and enhance the social-wellbeing of our community. Immerse yourself in a sea of melodies with performances by:

->Gladly, GLADLY is the songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist Glenn Radley. Glenn has toured all over North America in bands including Apollo Suns, Mister K, and Sebastian Owl.
During this time of travel and growth, Glenn spent time writing songs that now benefit from the talents of Jacob Letkemann, Jason Willows, Ian Russell and Wyatt King. Together they make up GLADLY, with cheery major chords and bleak, catchy lyrics, reminiscent of Father John Misty, Queen, My Chemical Romance and Courtney Barnett.

-> Marco Castillo, Marco Castillo's voice is like a warm breeze from the South. His guitar laying and original songs capture the passion, poetry and lyricism that we all recognize as the spirit of South America. We are fortunate to have his artistry right here with us in Winnipeg's thriving cultural community.

-> Cantor Dust, an ethereal journey to the depths of your imagination with voice, synth, and strings;

-> Stiff Wiggle, irresistible beats curated in the moment by a creative mastermind;

-> Send Dunes; A Synthesizer adventure (more details to come)

-> Smoky Tigr, with infectious and enthusiastic electronic beats to reel you into a late night dance party!

We invite you to an evening of artistic submersion, where you can hug the tentacles of giant octopus while being washed in our immersive visual displays of an underwater oceanscape. Come frolic where disco rhythms and deep sea adventures converge for a spectacle of creativity and fun!

Free event, accepting pay-what-you-can donations at the gate.

Who are The GentleFolk?
We are an arts collective in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a mission of supporting music and arts in our local community and enhancing the social well-being of humankind. We host live performances at various venues throughout the city year-round and a summer music festival the last weekend of August. Our mandate is that we are committed to creating a welcoming space for creative expression, learning, and enjoyment all while staying true to the simple motto of, “Be excellent to each other.”

For more information, visit us at:
Instagram: the_gentle.folk


Brazilian Season



"Brazilian Season" by Marco Castillo & Brazilian Beats


Aquela Coisa by Marco Castillo & Brazilian Beats

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