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Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 at 8pm
Jamie Buckboro
Rusty Matyas
Romi Mayes
Slow Leaves
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Romi Mayes and Rusty Matyas introduce their fans to the next big things to hit the Winnipeg music scene at the West End Cultural Centre on November 16th.
On this musical blind date, Romi Mayes performs and introduces her audience to the up-and-coming roots rocker Jamie Buckboro. Rusty Matyas will entertain the crowd before introducing his audience to folk/Americana singer/songwriter Slow Leaves (AKA Grant Davidson). Romi and Rusty are confident that you, the audience, will adore Jamie Buckboro and Slow Leaves. We believe it’s high time you met.

"I had heard of a band in town that had been covering my friends, The Sheepdogs, amazingly well and this intrigued me since I felt that only The Sheepdogs could do The Sheepdogs well!  When I finally got a chance to listen to this cover band (called James and The Giants) playing Sheepdogs, The Band, Joe Cocker, Neil Young, etc… I was blown away at the difficult and versatile vocal skills the front man, Jamie Buckboro, had.  Shortly after, I had a chance to hear Jamie's original music in his band The Honeysliders and was even more impressed at what an incredible singer and performer he was.  We became good buddies, played shows together including half time at The Bombers game, he starred in my music video, and I have had him as a feature at my recent Songwriters Extravaganza shows at The Park Theatre.  I think he is as good as an honest, raw and talented singer and performer gets, with great songwriting sentimentality and a passion for music that is bypassed by most as talented as he. It's an honour for me to be able to expose him to more music loving folks any chance I get.
He deserves every fan he gains."
- Romi Mayes explains how she first met Jamie Buckboro

Grant (Slow Leaves) emailed me out of the blue just under a year ago. He was the first person to officially ask me to produce a record outside of my own projects. I was admittedly skeptical not only in my own abilities - but I had never heard of this guy from my hometown. His email however was very nice and definitely intrigued me. It came with a link to a live acoustic video he made, and within seconds of watching it I knew I wanted to work with him. I was more shocked than anything that a songwriter and singer of his caliber was widely unknown within his own city. Getting to know him through the process of producing the record was also a very rewarding experience. I gained an undoubtedly lifelong friend, and grew to respect him as a humble person and musician as much as anyone I'd ever met along my path in the industry. His lyrics are not only sincere, but astonishingly intelligent and poetic, his melodies are immediately moving, and his voice is effortlessly timeless. I love working with him and I hope he garners the ocean of success he really deserves. Everyone should hear and enjoy his music as much as I have, he has a true and natural gift.
- Rusty Matyas regarding Slow Leaves

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