Manitoba Live Music Event

Nu Sounds Series

Sunday, Mar 26, 2017, 8pm - 10pm
Collection Get
Park Theatre
698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival (Jazz Winnipeg Inc.)
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Electronic Jazz


Eliot Britton and Grace Hrabi have been creating electronic music together since 2009. Their contrasting aesthetics and performing styles first converged in Montreal under the band name Collection Get. Their debut album Save. As… is a celebration of contrast and technological colour, infusing Grace’s human elegance into Eliot’s intricate and funky compositional language. The resulting project delivers a unique show and listening experience, offering a fresh perspective on two of Winnipeg’s musical highlights, jazz and electronic music.

Where the album Save. As… emphasizes indie dance, their new project, Swing Out! slides into the world of syncopation and electro­swing. The jazz heavy aesthetic gives Grace and Eliot more room for collaboration, and the opportunity to work with other talented musicians and artists in the Winnipeg community. The infusion of acoustic swing and electro and visual elements takes Collection Get! to an exciting new level, both sonically and visually.

Nu Sounds is about bold ideas and daring creative pursuits. The results have always been incredible and have delighted, engaged, and challenged the audiences. Jazz Winnipeg is delighted to be presenting this series for 2017 with support from the Manitoba Arts Council, Manitoba Music, and UMFM.

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