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Nu Sounds Series

Sunday, Apr 23, 2017, 8pm - 10pm
Amber Epp (Solo, Trio Bembe, Papa Mambo)
Park Theatre
698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival (Jazz Winnipeg Inc.)
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Acoustic Jazz


Join us for a jazz interpretation of The Great Canadian Songbook. Amber Epp transforms songs that you love from classic Canadian artists like Leonard Cohen, The Guess Who, and Joni Mitchell while infusing the set with tunes by contemporary artists like Tegan and Sara and Feist. The furthest thing from a cover band, Epp and company want to preserve the original spirit of the work while presenting it with a new energy. Epp‘s process is to retain the original melody and lyric of each song, while transforming some aspect of the song to make something new. The pop tune becomes a bossa nova; the indie rock tune gets reharmonized; the power ballad is pared down to voice and percussion. The idea is to keep original spirit of the tunes, the thing we all love about the tunes, and present something new along with it.

Epp will enlist the skills of her bandmates, Keith Price (guitar), Julian Bradford (bass), and Daniel Roa (drums and vocals), who all have experience composing, arranging, and interpreting songs by Canadians.  Each band member will also bring an original they are proud of, something they hope to be remembered by, their contribution to Canada’s incredible artistic tradition. This concert allows these musicians to carry the torch for Canadian ingenuity in the arts, right here in Manitoba.

Nu Sounds is about bold ideas and daring creative pursuits. The results have always been incredible and have delighted, engaged, and challenged the audiences. Jazz Winnipeg is delighted to be presenting this series for 2017 with support from the Manitoba Arts Council, Manitoba Music, and UMFM.

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"All I Want" by Amber Epp (Solo, Trio Bembe, Papa Mambo)


Turn it Around by Amber Epp (Solo, Trio Bembe, Papa Mambo)


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