Manitoba Live Music Event


Saturday, Jan 14, 2017
Quinton Blair
Ed Wayne
Kenmor Theatre
130 7th Street, Morden, MB, Canada
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Singer/songwriter Ed Wayne is truly a country artist. His style of music could be called Americana, Folk or Outlaw Music. It is known for its ability to speak to common people about things that really matter. Songs of love, heartache, faith and the struggles of life. Ed has been singing songs together with "The North Border Band" for nearly 8 years. Entertaining audiences in Manitoba and beyond. Ed Wayne and the North Border Band deliver an exciting down to earth show for all ages.

Somewhere in Southern Manitoba where the granite of the Canadian Shield meets the wide open space of the wind swept Prairies, buried deep in the Red River gumbo, are the stakes of roots country songwriter Quinton Blair. Capturing songs that echo a refrain of traditionalist country, Blair with his deceptively dry candor; and his mysterious yet familiar ability to tell a story, delivers a live performance that twitches a nerve deep in your soul. It is an experience in Steve Earle’s storytelling crossed with Dwight Yoakam’s reverence to the traditions of country music. A thirst for imagery and substance. Attainable yet distant. An undeniable nourishment of the soul.


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"300,000 KMs" by Quinton Blair


Something To Me by Quinton Blair


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