Manitoba Live Music Event

Big Fun Festival | Manitoba Music Showcase

Friday, Jan 27, 2017 at 9:30pm
Joanne Pollock
Slow Spirit
The Good Will Social Club
625 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Big Fun Productions
Manitoba Music
Door Cost



Manitoba Music is teaming up the Big Fun Festival, which continues to push out innovative programs of cutting edge artists, growing their audience, and promoting music discovery. The annual festival will co-host the Manitoba Music Showcase at The Good Will on January 27 featuring melody-driven pop punkish band Mulligrub, electronic artist Joanne Pollock, experimental alt-pop outfit Slow Spirit, indie pop act Micah Visser, and Saskatchewan’s Francophone indie band Ponteix. The showcase is part of this year's January Music Meeting.

Mulligrub is a melody-­driven pop punkish band with tweeish tendencies. Bittersweet but mostly bitter, they can be found singing songs about the last day of summer or friends you'll never see again. Kelly sings and plays guitar, Riley sings and plays drums, Mirella plays bass, and they all have too many feelings.

Producer, Venetian Snares collaborator and one half of the band Poemss (released on Planet Mu,) "Joanne Pollock breathes heavy whispers across articulate and captivating break beats. She possesses that rare talent where her songs become instant ear worms boring through your minds eye and keeping a kick in your step. Headphone friendly." -Invocation TO

Slow Spirit aspires to invent sophisticated songs bridging pop-paced melody  with post-rock experimentation, subtle poetry with breakbeats. Meeting at Brandon University’s School of Music in Manitoba some years ago and pleased to find each other moving along equally diverse paths in music ever since - from folk to punk, hip hop jam bands to ambient noise ensembles - the four members of Slow Spirit join to create a sound not unlike the experimentations of Joni Mitchell and Radiohead.

Equal parts anthemic and claustrophobic, Micah Visser crafts tightly knit pop songs for your frozen winter nights. Expect emotive vocals over sugary synth lines, intimate lyrics over dance beats. It’ll make you remember that person that broke your heart, then dance until you forget about them again.

Hailing From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with their Debut EP "J'Orage" Released in May 2016. Anxious rhythms, tidal wave endings, intoxicating vocal timbres. Ponteix has just begun to take on the grand nature of the living skies they write under.


Hard Season (Visualizer) by Slow Spirit

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