Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 9:30pm
Spine of Earth
The Psychics
The Love Tongues
Windsor Hotel
187 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Hard Rock

Come celebrate national pot smoking day at the Windsor Hotel! 
Fight your burn out with some tasty jams guaranteed to satisfy your ear munchies! Opening the night will be sleaze rockers The Love Tongues around 10pm followed by the electrifying and mysterious sounds of The Psychics celebrating their 6th year anniversary (11pm) and topped off with the ground shaking, hypnotizing, Spine of Earth (12pm). Truly a uniquely wonderful collection of music to fry your mind like an egg to....

Spine of Earth is:
Guitar/Vocals - Spenzilla 
Bass/Vocals - Pete Lowend 
Drums/vocals - Guy Spinely 

The Psychics are:
Guitar/Vocals- Paige Drobot
Bass/Vocals- Cody Valentonis
Drums/Vocals- Nolan Hildebrand

The Love Tongues are a new 5 piece Rock n Roll band with a fresh but familiar sound that is influenced by only the dirtiest, grooviest and greasiest classic rock bands. This "menagerie of bad-assery" promises to deliver a primal performance of loud, fast and sleazy tunes. Check out their first single "Devil Woman" in the links below.
Vocals-Ewan Turnbull
Guitfiddle- Kyle Maskiw
Guitfiddle- Jeff Giesbrecht
Bass-Ian Powell
Drums- Ian Milne



Devil Woman by The Love Tongues




"Devil Woman" by The Love Tongues

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