Manitoba Live Music Event

Scam Jam 2018

Saturday, Jul 14, 2018 at 12pm
Black Dogs
Perception Check
Dissident Mindset
Bats in the Belfry
The Mandys
Proper Operation
The Dirty Dead
Ugly T and the Unmentionables
Fort Garry Skatepark
880 Oakenwald Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba



Scam Jam is a full day of punk rock and skateboarding! There are 10 bands playing, and skateboard contests running throughout the day. Admission is free and everyone is welcome! There will be tons of prizes thrown out!

The event will be held at Fort Garry Skatepark on Saturday, July 14! (12:00 - 8:30pm)

There will be a merchandise booth setup so you all can load up on Scam Jam/ Band merch! 

Check out the last fundraiser show we have coming up and keep in mind we have Scam Jam t-shirts and beer coozys for sale!

June 24, 2018- Scam Jam Fundraiser #3 at The Cavern

Set times for bands:

12:00PM: Ugly T and the Unmentionables

12:45PM: The Dirty Dead

1:30PM: Proper Operation

2:30PM: The Mandys

3:30PM: KOJAk

4:30PM: Bats in the Belfry

5:30PM: Guilt-Trip

6:15PM: Dissident Mindset

7:00PM: Perception Check

7:45PM: Black Dogs

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