Manitoba Live Music Event


Monday, Sep 17, 2018 at 8pm
The Peelers
Suburban Hypocrites
Lake Dissapointment
Windsor Hotel
187 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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The Peelers were formed in North Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario Canada in 1999, and are now based out of Montreal. The band has evolved to become one of the most notorious Celtic punk acts in Canada. Glengarry has always been a hub of Celtic culture, and original members immersed themselves in this legacy from youth. Separated from New York State by the St. Lawrence River, it was originally settled by Gaelic immigrants who chose the name Glengarry in memory of home. The Peelers bow the rules of tradition, with their blend of punk rock & traditional Irish music.
Over the past 17 years the band has performed at pubs, clubs, festivals, theatres, arenas, alehouses’, snowboarding championships, barrooms, beer gardens, cocktail lounges, inns, public houses, saloons, and taverns throughout North America. The current lineup has performed, or shared bills with every major act in the genre.
For eighteen years, The Peelers have contributed to the growth of the Celtic Punk genre in North America. In 2002 the band debuted the album 'Boots and Suits'. In 2004 the band released 'Liquordale'. That album was subsequently named Album of the Year by Boston based Shite n’ Onions, considered the online bible for Celtic punk rock enthusiasts. After a hiatus, a brand new 13 track album, entitled ‘Palace of the Fiend' was released on January 3rd, 2017. It was recorded in five different studios, located in Montreal, Toronto, and Casablanca, Morocco.
“ ‘Palace of the Fiend’ any good? Fuck yeah. Double fuck yeah. This is Celtic-punk at it’s very, very best, fast, powerful, raw, the poetry of those who have really lived – part Pogues, part Mahones and part Behan. I know it’s only May but I’m prepared to call ‘Palace of the Fiend’ album of the year for 2017.” - Shite n Onions May 2017
“For all of you that belong to the Shite’n’Onions generation, The Peelers are a living legend...The heavyweights of the genre are back with their new albums. Will they be able to meet the fans’ expectations? The Peelers have already done it.” - Celtic-Folk- Punk Germany 2017

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