Tue, Oct 23, 2018
Micah Erenberg
Yes We Mystic
The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
Manitoba Music

Alternative Electronic Hip Hop Indie

Tuesday, October 23
The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen St. West
Early show. Doors at 8:30PM. No cover.

9:00PM Rayannah
9:45PM Micah Erenberg
10:30PM Yes We Mystic
11:15PM Malcolm-Jay 

Rayannah bends noise into music by running voice, breath, synth, and percussion through loop pedals. Underscored by intricate beat-making, her evocative lyrics in French and English rise above dense soundscapes, pulling listeners into a world both dark and sweet. Innovative on stage and in the studio, Rayannah is now unveiling music from her first full-length album to be released in early 2019. Beginning with singles “En attendant demain” and “Best of You”, this new collection of songs pursues and pushes the sounds and textures explored in Rayannah’s debut EP Boxcar Lullabies. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Rayannah has taken her electro-soul across Canada, to the West Coast of the US, and to Europe. Whether opening for Esperanza Spalding or Coeur de Pirate, fronting her band or performing alone on stage, Rayannah shares something raw, intimate, and transcendent all at once.

Behind the music of Micah Erenberg there is a formula that is as easy as it is effective: Simplicity and honesty still make the best pop songs. Erenberg's melodies are wonderful, his arrangements unmistakable. But most of all, the songs' lyrics of the singer-songwriter from Manitoba are very special: they are poetic, heart-rending, full of sensitive details and not infrequently marked by a clever joke. Micah Erenberg's debut album Poor Mic's Toe is filled with charming stories. It is about eternal sleep or the little toe that gets stuck in the lawnmower. Micah Erenberg always captures the ups and downs of life in his own way, without ever falling into pathos. Erenberg brings his songs to life on stage together with multi-instrumentalist Sophie Stevens. A collaboration that lives up to the idiosyncratic sound of his uniqueness.

Yes We Mystic uses a performance artist's sensibilities to create towering, orchestral art pop. The trick, if it is to be described: set up an expectation, and then defy it, in search of something fresh.

Malcolm-Jay is an award-nominated, socially conscious and self-reflective musician who has now been active in hip-hop for a decade. He’s enjoyed Canada-wide distribution, toured internationally and has been charting Top 10 on national campus radio. The Enemy Within, his first full-length solo album, was much anticipated and has been a major success gaining him an active fan base worldwide, showcasing his growth personally and as a musician. His energy, honesty, and passion permeate his music, it’s hard not to relate.


Best of You by Rayannah

Root Beer by Micah Erenberg

Felsenmeer by Yes We Mystic

Malcolm-Jay Live at Le Garage Jan 26, 2018 by Malcolm-Jay


Best of You (single)



"Best of You" by Rayannah

Poor Mic's Toe



"I Just Wanna Go to Sleep Forever" by Micah Erenberg

Felsenmeer (Single)



"Felsenmeer" by Yes We Mystic

Missed Connections



"Always Know" by Malcolm-Jay

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