Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 8pm
Jesse Matas
Leaf Rapids
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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This is a very special show! 

“Tamarock” marks the first time Jesse’s songs can be found on a record since The Crooked Brothers’ 2014 release “Thank you I’m sorry”.

About Jesse Matas

While drafting his debut solo album, Jesse Matas spent more time in a canoe than in a studio. He spent more time in silence in the bush. Over a week in December 2017, the album was recorded (mostly) live-off-the-floor in a warm studio (private ear) in Winnipeg with some of the finest-natured humans in Canada.

All the songs on Tamarock happen far from cities in woodlands and on lakes. Lyric and feeling come to the fore. Walking Human and Rock and Sand sound distant: a broadcast from a clearing far into the bush. They reveal some of the darkest elements of human to non-human interaction. Songs like Before, We and Footpath pulse with a rhythm and lightness of open kinship— that of regeneration and growth. Songs like Peace River Song and Hardline draw upon current issues like Site-C and raw milk production.

Another step further afield is Tamarock’s rock-poems. The Myth of Forests is something else entirely, like Serge Gainsbourg without the chauvinism, while Monarch is for the entomologist who has to dance. Both songs are for listeners seeking something very different. Jesse’s poems have been featured (or are forthcoming) in CV2, Event, The Fourth River and The New Quarterly, among others. A Few Stars in the River, his first collection of poetry, will be published in late 2019 alongside paintings by Kyle Scheurmann—responsible for Tamarock’s cover art.

The album’s range is vast. Many of a lot. But most of all— Tamarock sounds like where it came from... and that’s right where it takes the listener.

This show will feature Joanna Miller on Drums, Julian Bradford on Bass, Damon Mitchell on Guitar, and Adrienne Macdonald on Vocals. 

About Leaf Rapids

Leaf Rapids is a tiny, secluded, once thriving mining town in northern Manitoba, Canada. Keri Latimer is a tiny, reclusive, once thriving singer songwriter who married a bass player from Leaf Rapids and stole both his and his town’s name. Under the moniker of Leaf Rapids the Latimer’s travel the world performing Keri’s strange songs. That is, when she is not hiding in her Winnipeg studio, mining for treasures and helping them find their ghostly voices. 

Why do we say “once thriving” singer songwriter? Is it because she hasn’t won a JUNO AWARD since 2008, or that she isn’t on the Nettwerk Records label anymore with her band Nathan? Or perhaps because ever since she received a songwriting award over Canadian superstar Bryan Adams, he won’t accept her calls? 

Isn’t she a 2018 Western Canadian Music Awards Visual Media Composer of the Year nominee, and a film composer for movies that have won Academy Awards? Hasn’t she been featured with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on the theremin for the last 3 years, doesn’t this count? And hasn’t Leaf Rapids successfully toured Canada, the US, Europe and the UK in support of their debut album, “Lucky Stars?” 

Ok, ok, but when one writes about gropy lumberjacks being stabbed in the thighs by scissor wielding great grandmothers and ‘vacation’ songs that are actually about one’s Japanese ancestor’s Internment camp experiences.. well, there is likely no hope of dominating the commercial music airwaves. 

But perhaps you don’t care about that sort of thing. Perhaps you are the type of person that would enjoy watching her wave her arms around in mid air like a mad woman conjuring melodies from an instrument you don’t touch, and weaving this into a looped soundscape of voice, guitar, bass and maybe pedal steel or banjo or what-have-you from whomever Leaf Rapids can convince to join them on stage, all the while crooning gleefully about lovers being eaten by vultures. 

Maybe you’re the type of person that would be interested in hearing their next album, which is slated for release in the spring of 2019, co-produced by sonic genius Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities), featuring some of the best musicians in Winnipeg, and contains what she considers some of her best songwriting to date, I mean it’s no Bryan Adams.. but, there you have it. 

And to be completely honest, Bryan Adams never accepted her calls in the first place.


Virginia by Leaf Rapids


Lucky Stars



"April" by Leaf Rapids

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