Manitoba Live Music Event

Throwback Thursdays

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 at 8pm
The Bonaduces
The Details
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Throwback Thursdays with The Details & The Bonaduces at West End Cultural Centre!

The second show of our Throwback Thursdays Series is with no other than 2 WInnipeg legendary bands, The Details & The Bonaduces! 

Tickets are $20 in advance and are available now! Grab them while they are still available.

The Bonaduces

The Bonaduces are a Winnipeg pop-punk band that formed somewhat accidentally in 1994—a heady time in human history when both pop-punk and accidents were respectable paths—by childhood friends Doug McLean and Bob Somers (who had since become adults) and their non-childhood friends Michael Koop and Russ Desjardine (who were presumably children previously, but were now adults as well). After releasing their classic rewindable cassette Matching Socks, Missing Feet in 1995, Russ departed and an enthusiastic, fresh-faced Chris Hiebert found himself annointed a Bonaduce, completing the line-up forevermore.

Over the last half of the nineties, The Bonaduces released two albums, or “compact discs”, of material—1997’s ‘K’ is For Catherine, released on Toronto’s Squirtgun Records and 1998’s The Democracy of Sleep, which was escorted into the world by Winnipeg’s own Endearing Records. Around and between these, there were a smattering of singles and compilation tracks, as well as a really ripping 5 second loop of guitar on MTV’s ‘Undergrads’, which still earns the band $0.03 per annum despite no one Bonaduce ever having seen it. Actually, I take that back, maybe Chris has seen it? I think I saw a copy of the DVD in his basement once.

The band is old enough to have booked tours by handwritten letter, masochistic enough to have done some of those tours in a 1989 Pontiac Firefly, resilient enough to have played literally every manner of venue, from decommissioned sewers to fully commissioned sewers, forward-thinking enough to have always brought an extra pick for Mike and lucky enough to have had people come and see them and listen to their music over the course of their time together. The four of them have woven their way in and out of the Winnipeg music scene throughout the years, in many bands (Paper Moon, September West, Cheerleader, The Leftists, The Paperbacks and Banned From Atlantis, among numerous others) and in many different capacities, but coming back to The Bonaduces continues to be a privilege and a comfort for this group of friends.

The Details

The Details—formed in Winnipeg in 2005 by singer/guitarist Jon Plett, guitarist Sean Vidal, bassist Keli Martin and drummer Shaun Gibson—is a band that, though currently inactive, kept themselves alarmingly busy for the better part of a decade. When they weren’t crammed into a van, criss-crossing North America to play any venue they could, they were recording and releasing albums of peerlessly crafted songs or finding their way into various projects, guest spots and film and television soundtracks—defining themselves as much by their hard, consistent work as the high quality of their music and their performances.

After long nights in shared practice spaces, and after establishing themselves as a live act in their hometown, their debut EP, 2006’s Marching Sound, and first full-length, 2007’s Draw a Distance. Draw a Border, introduced their prairie-soaked brand of indie rock to the wider world. Bolstered by their tireless touring schedule (and excellent manners), the band found themselves on larger stages and radio playlists everywhere, making lifelong friends and fans across the continent.

Throughout their years of touring, The Details represented Winnipeg in some of the world’s best-known music festivals, including multiple appearances at Austin’s South by Southwest, and shared the stage with some of the biggest Canadian and international artists of the time. Their 2011 release Lost Art, was recorded in Winnipeg by Stephen Carroll (The Weakerthans) and Brandon Reid (The National); the album and the tour following its release served as a stirring, memorable coda to the career of a quintessential Winnipeg band.


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