Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 9pm
Forest Pilots
Northern Lights Drive
112 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Prog Rock

Forest Pilots:
Forest Pilots is as loud as they are thought provoking. Best described as adaptable, their playing style quickly shifts between heavy, metal influenced riffs, to mellow and spacious psychedelia. The hesitantly-self-proclaimed progressive rock trio consists of: Troy Graham (Percussion/Vocals), John Pelland (Bass Guitar), and Tanner Stregger (Guitar/Lead Vocals). All three members grew up in the south end of Winnipeg MB, and have a history of musical endeavors. They share an intense and passionate drive to spread messages and tell stories through music. Writing lyrics about addiction, conformity, loss of self, abandonment, broken relationships, and shitty cars, audiences will find themselves relating, and left thinking.

Northern Lights Drive:
Northern Lights Drive's unique sound and stage presence is as authentic as it gets. With the same original line up rocking Winnipegs' music scene since 2011, it's no wonder their chemistry looks natural.
Each member brings their own creative flare to this trio. Primarily, but not limited to being just a rock band, their sound spans across a pallete of genres that can be heard in all of their works. 'Grungy' and 'funky' are the main receptions received by those who attend their shows so they coined the term 'Gunk Rock'.
Ethan Krushel's grueling guitar riiffs are complimented by Clinton Wazny's grooving bass lines and they are seamlessly switching between lead, rhythm and solo roles, but this couldn't be possible without the heartbeat of the band, Jason Marks (percussion).
Each night they go on stage NLD aims to create an aura where people can get up and dance, get lost in the music, and forget about their daily routines. 'We want people to lose themselves in the music, and have as much fun doing so as we are on stage.."
Light Up.


LIVE Mini Compilation (45 sec) by Forest Pilots




"Chemicals" by Forest Pilots

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