Manitoba Live Music Event

Lucky 7 Vol. 1

Friday, Feb 8, 2019 at 7pm
Gabriela Ocejo
Matt Foster
Savant Flaneur
aceart inc.
288 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba


Lucky 7 is a pilot performance series in Winnipeg, MB, intersecting musicians from far reaching genres and disciplines.

The idea behind Lucky 7 is simple: bring together two ensembles from different backgrounds, with complimentary skill sets to play a show: two individual sets and one collaborative set.

Tiny Desk meets the Bate Building.


Fresh off a western tour, Gabi & Matt are back. Their instrumentation haunts their songs with dark ghostly qualities - droning and rattling strange sounds that seem to come from elsewhere. Lyrically, the songs are puzzles, stories and Polaroids snapped from the moments and moods where words have failed. Queer love. Love in cars and fields. Dying somewhere you’d want to die. The taste of a moment in a motel. Listening and hearing a lover and seeing them truly. The end of frustration. Saying it out loud. Pissing in the wind. NBD.

Gabriela Ocejo is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from Argentina living in Winnipeg. Raised in Argentina, Gabi started to do her first shows in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca, eventually relocating to Winnipeg in her mid twenties. Her music is inspired by a wide range of styles and muses, going from jazz and blues, to R&B, folk, Argentinean music, and more. You can see her playing with some of her favourite Winnipeg bands, such as Super Duty Tough Work, Matt Foster, Juvel and Sunny Roseland, as well as her solo project which will be coming out soon.

Matt Foster's music has been around the world. He has toured in a dozen countries, seen his music placed in major motion pictures as far away as Mexico. His work with the Crooked Brothers has seen nominations for both Western Canadian Music Awards and Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Lately, he's has been busy performing with an ever-evolving cast of musicians, letting his new songs live and breathe in many different forms - often in intriguingly dark, unheard of arrangements.



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