Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 8pm
Valley of the Sun
Mark Deutrom
Satanic Rights
Windsor Hotel
187 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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The Windsor Hotel is proud to bring you Cincinnati Ohio's very own stoner rock kings Valley Of The Sun
For all of the distortion and noise the average stoner rock album possesses, most rely too heavily on the stoner part of the equation. Very few actually rock, that is to say they often lack the necessary soul and power that true rock ‘n’ roll should have. The best rock music makes the listener feel alive, or at least energized. Too often stoner rock leans too heavily toward the drug-laced psychedelia feeling, and while that isn’t always a bad thing, it’s nice to be reminded when a band just does the balance of stoner and rock just right. That band is Valley Of The Sun (great name for a desert rock group, eh?), who hails from the decidedly un-desert-ly Cincinnati. Volume Rock is their second release in two years, and it’s clear they’ve taken a pretty solid leap up with their sophomore record.
It’s clear that Valley Of The Sun really understand how to work within the stoner rock framework. This is definitely an album that leans closer to all-out hard rock (with an emphasis on fuzzy distortion) than typical stoner tropes. The band is clearly influenced by Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden (and the soaring, soulful vocals owe more than a passing debt to Mr. Cornell), which explains why these songs have a bit more pep in their step than the average stoner jams. The band chose to record at Nada Recording Studio to emphasize their rock leanings, and Volume Rock does an excellent job at that. Songs like “Eternal Forever” and “Empty Visions” are exemplary ditties. It’s clear that the band had a ton of fun crafting the record, and that sense of joy permeates the album.
If it’s not clear already, Volume Rock isn’t a life-changing album, but it may go down as one of the best stoner rock albums of the year because it understands how to go full-throttle joyously. The album is the result of the band firing on all cylinders. It doesn’t hurt that there are honest-to-God hooks throughout, too. Ryan Ferrier is an excellent vocalist and is more than able to carry a tune.

Also on the bill is Ex The Melvins member Mark Deutrom.
Mark Deutrom is a guitarist, composer, songwriter, and producer.
Mark Deutrom studied composition at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA . There he attended seminars with such composers as John Cage, Lou Harrison, Morton Feldman, Aaron Copland, and Morton Subotnick.
In 1986 Deutrom co founded Alchemy Records in San Francisco, CA. During his time at the label he produced a record for his own band, Clown Alley, as well as records for Sacrilege, Melvins, RKL, and Neurosis.
In 1993 Deutrom was invited to play bass in the Melvins. He was in the band from 1993-1998, and played on and contributed material to the albums "Prick", "Stoner Witch", "Stag", "Honky", " and additional releases. During his time with the band they toured with Tool, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Kiss, and Rush among others.
In 2006 he was invited to collaborate with SunnO))) on various live dates in the USA and Europe.
Deutrom has released various solo projects and continues to produce projects for others.
The band Bellringer is the live vehicle for his music, and currently features RL Hulsman and Aaron Lack.
Bellringer released the album Jettison through Rock is Hell records August 2016.
In July 2017 Mark Deutrom signed an agreement with French label Season of Mist to reissue his back catalog and also release new material.

Local guests Satanic Rights will be kicking off the night with a special brand of rock n’ roll that is absolutely not to be trifled with.

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