Sat, May 18, 2019 at 7:30pm
Three Amigos
Sam's Place
159 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Door Cost

Three Amigos mix folk, pop, blues and soul led by the smooth vocals and keyboard of James Walzak, joined by Jim Kacki (a.k.a. Conga Jim or Papa Dmitri), and Guy Ferraton (harmonica).
No band is quite like Three Amigos. None other has a jazzy soulful singer whose playing on the smallest possible keyboards recall an organ’s grandeur or a jazzman’s virtuosity. Plus, when was the last time you heard a keyboard-conga-harmonica line-up bluesing it up?
If this sounds funny, come check them out and you’ll attest the Three Amigos formula is none to laugh at. Mind you, you’ll laugh with them as they also share a fondness for corny jokes!
Now that you’ve been warned - and invited - bring your amigos… and come enjoy Three Amigos live at Sam’s Place! Olé!

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