Manitoba Live Music Event


Friday, Dec 6, 2019 at 9pm
The Garrick
330 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


From high-profile gigs to cutting-edge originals, the name PEEKABOO seems to be on everyone’s lips (and every DJ’s setlist), so we decided to dive back into one of his latest releases, Imposters. PEEKABOO’s EP draws the line between trap and dubstep, often times its hard to tell which side of the fence it’s on. Luckily it does justice to both.

Picture, if you will, your favorite classic alien movie from the 1950’s and 60’s; think War of the Worlds orInvasion of the Saucer-Men. Now picture those same Aliens hell bent on our destruction, wreaking havoc on our beloved planet, shooting lasers at anything that moves, at the same time throwing a huge party in the UFO. As outlandish as it may seem, this is the imagery PEEKABOO’s new EP set up in my mind. Through clever use of movie samples, and science fiction based sounds, PEEKABOO manages to create a thematic body of work, while at the same time making some of his most pulse pounding “Holy ish” tracks, yet.


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