Manitoba Live Music Event

Indigenous Intersections - Building Relationships with Indigenous Composers and Culture Bearers

Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019 at 12:30pm
Eva Clare Hall
65 Dafoe Rd, Winnipeg, MB


A week of midday presentations exploring Indigenous intersections with contemporary Western European art traditions, featuring guests presenters. Desautels Faculty of Music assistant professor Catherine Robbins will be giving a talk called "Building relationships with Indigenous Composers and Culture Bearers: A reflexive model for the choral arts."

Robbins will be talking about her 2016 Creative Works project that involved the commission of a choral piece for U of M Concert Choir by composer and Desautels alumnus Andrew Balfour. The resulting composition was based on an original song by Culture Bearer and Drummer/Singer Cory Campbell. She will also talk about the additional projects that grew out of this initial commission.

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