Manitoba Live Music Event


Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 at 8pm
Heartbeat City
Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club
234 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Heartbeat City was born of ashes under the banners of authenticity and optimism. Their sophomore EP, Tanglespruce, coming January 31, 2020, is a 6-song collection of indie-folk-rock tunes dripping with emotion, begging to be heard in the dark with a good pair of headphones...wait, or blazing down the highway with the volume cranked. Either way, co-produced by Winnipeg’s Ryan McVeigh and Ian Neufeld La Rue himself at Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts, this album is a culmination and distillation of years of immersion in Winnipeg’s dynamic and eclectic music scene. The sound is wise, well-travelled and tactful. Lyrically Ian has reached a point of clarity and simple beauty that only experience and time can allow. He has prided himself on growth, dedication and a deep respect for the art of music creation. This album is the fruit.

Heartbeat City’s current line-up consists of indie-rock veterans Louis Lévesque-Côté (Boniface, Boats, Naked Sex) on bass and Luke Bergen (Boats, Wonderful Pipes) on drums; West Virginia transplant and folk-rock troubadour, Nathaniel Good (Nation of Two), on guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Canadian folk music legend, Jessee Havey (the Duhks, Nation of Two) on backing vocals.

Touring extensively with his catalogue of songs in both formats (solo and band) and with a variety of musicians has allowed Ian to let his work grow and change with him in an organic, powerful and unprecedented way. Yet the strength of Ian's lyrics, with their relentless exploration of social injustice – as well as the unfettered joys to be found beneath the pain and the debris —remain a constant, connecting with listeners across the globe. Initially conceived of as a duo in 2010, Heartbeat City has blossomed through line-up changes, growing families, touring and recording.

Tanglespruce Tracklisting:

Still Lifes
Pale Amber Glow
Don't We All
Breathing Under Water
Beautiful Mess


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