Manitoba Live Music Event

Online Album Listening Party with Slow Spirit

Friday, May 8, 2020, 7pm - 9pm
Slow Spirit




Our record "Nowhere No One Knows Where To Find You" is out in its entirety on Friday, May 8th!!

Come listen to it from front to back with us, using the internet.

8PM CDT - We're going to premiere the album on Youtube, accompanied by visualizers for each song. Youtube's audio quality is usually pretty bang on and this way, you won't need any special apps.

**Link to Premiere:**

7-8PM CDT - We're thinking we'll do a "live" Q&A period before the premiere on instagram or facebook or both. The reason we say "we're thinking" is because we're nervous about it, but we'll probably just go ahead and do it.

We want to make this more of a hang, but it's hard when we're all apart! Any suggestions for how to enhance the community vibe - we're all ears!

This is a free, one-time-only event! 

Facebook Event:


Hard Season (Visualizer) by Slow Spirit

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