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Online Open Mic Night

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020, 7pm - 8:30pm
Fresh IE
Facebook Live
Manitoba Music



We can feature up to 10 artists to share a song each via Zoom, and streamed for audiences via Facebook Live. If you want to perform, register for a spot at by 2PM on November 16 (first come, first served. Select your preferred open time slot. You will receive the Zoom login information on November 17 before the event. Once you are let into the event from the waiting room, please send a private message to the co-host letting them know your name, and what you are performing. You will need at minimum a computer or phone capable of capturing audio and video via Zoom.

If you just want to tune in to catch some tunes, meet us at at 7PM!

Fresh Wilson, (born October 24, 1972, Winnipeg, Manitoba), known professionally as Fresh IE, Canadian singer-songwriter, and producer.

Wilson has produced over 22 albums and has written over 400 songs. Creating history in 2003, Fresh was the first Canadian rapper to be nominated for a Grammy award for his albums Red Letter and later in 2005, the Truth is Falling in the Streets. Fresh also won multiple accolades, including twenty-two Covenant Awards and a Gospel Music Award for his song Lockjaw, Out tha Oven album.

Fresh is living proof that chasing after God’s own heart has breathed life into his areas of brokenness. That once living a life of struggles and dysfunction, twenty years later, Fresh is creating music that not only brings healing and hope to his own soul, but he is reaching and changing lives across the nation.

Every album that Fresh has produced, every song Fresh has written has the ability to speak life into your story. With every performance, Fresh brings a presence to the stage that you know he is walking with someone greater. He has performed on platforms across Canada, performing to everyone from prison inmates to 80,000 plus screaming fans at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Fresh’s new release, ILL Street Blues, is formed from a mold that has been tested through fire. Fresh IE brings out a flavor that has been lost in time. Walking of bass notes and melodies written while men and women of the Deep South worked. ILL Street Blues is an album that will take you for a walk through a different time and place. This album is not just a regimented to music but is an experience that is a must for any music lover.

Fresh is also known for his philanthropic efforts and believes in giving back. Mentoring young adults that are walking blindly. Drowning in addictions and battling wars of the heart and mind. Fresh has developed other young artists through music workshops. As music is liberating the cries within our youth. Unshackling the grips of the pressures of life.




"Beautiful People" by Fresh IE


Beautiful People by Fresh IE


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