Manitoba Live Music Event

The Huron Carole - Light Inside

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020, 6:45pm - 8:30pm
Tom Jackson
Tom McKillip
Darryl Havers
John MacArthur Ellis
Kirby Barber
Chris “the wrist” Nordquist
Harvest Manitoba
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For more than three decades Canada’s most beloved, iconic and active philanthropist, actor and singer Tom Jackson has officially ushered in the Holiday season with his legendary seasonal variety show and fundraiser, The Huron Carole. 

While its 33rd season may look a little different this year due to COVID-19, the show — and its critical initiative to support local food banks and other social service agencies nationwide — is set to press on starting this November. 

And in many ways, Jackson shares, it may be among The Huron Carole’s most important seasons so far. 

“Under the cloud of these challenging times, I am of the opinion that food banks and those less fortunate in our world are going to be the ones most impacted by the current economic fall-out from COVID-19,” Jackson considers. “This Christmas season is going to be different from any other, and it’s going to require us — as individuals and as a society — to look even more inside ourselves for a light of optimism…a silver lining… 

“We must treasure that light and hang onto that silver lining with all our might.” 

Following a 32-year tradition of travelling nationwide and spotlighting some of the country’s top talent, The Huron Carole will adjust Season 33 to be a virtual event that can either be enjoyed from home or a local venue’s big screen within its regional social distancing protocol and allowance. The show’s dedication to high-quality production and riveting entertainment value remain steadfast; the show is produced by Tomali Pictures Ltd. and Joe Media Group.

The Huron Carole presented in this virtual format is a world-class concert experience intended to leverage fundraising opportunities for varied hosts — from venues, to charities, to businesses. Supported in facilitating these private, ticketed events via Zoom, the financial and targeted impact for each host reaches beyond concert hall venues, and increases exposure for local sponsors, and partnerships with local businesses. 

“It truly is a Christmas gift of hope, compassion, and love to raise funds and engage colleagues, friends, and family in support of others,” Jackson says. 

“Miracles are not manufactured by the Creator; they are manifestations of the love the Creator bestowed on humans. Christmas is afoot, and COVID-19 restrictions are our next ‘normal’ for the foreseeable future; the time for creating miracles is upon us.” 

The Huron Carole Virtual is nationally sponsored by Canada Life, a long-standing supporter for 24 years.

Room open 6:45 p.m. Concert starts at 7:00 p.m.

If you are unable to attend the virtual concert but would like to support Winnipeg Harvest you can do so by going here:

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