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Ethnic Music Concerts Live

Friday, Mar 5, 2021 at 7pm
Glen Williams
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U Multicultural is producing Ethnic Music Concert Series through Safe at Home Manitoba and streaming ten mini-concerts through our web-platform, social media, U Radio, cable T.V. in Manitoba and across Canada.

Rockalypso was established in 1990. Led by singer and guitarist Glen Williams, Rockalypso is an exciting Caribbean band that brings the rich rhythms of the Caribbean to life. This group of incredibly talented musicians and vocalists keep their audiences captivated and dancing in the aisles throughout their show!

The repertoire of Rockalypso appeals to a vast audience emphasizing traditional Caribbean and Calypso favourites, which demonstrate the exceptional vocal abilities of the band. The beautiful harmonies and reggae styling of Rockalypso make people feel they are at the Islands!


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