Loft Sessions

What do you get when you put talented Manitoba bands in front of the camera and ask them to play their hearts out? You get the Loft Sessions: music magic, captured in intimate videos with all the passion of a live show. Manitoba Music and video director Chris Gaudry have teamed up once again for the second edition of the live performance video series, set in the hardwood and brick of the heritage buildings of Winnipeg's Exchange District. Gaudry and his team, which included award-winning sound engineer Cam Loeppky, filmed a live performance by each artist in a multi-camera shoot. 

Mobina Galore "Vancouver"

Heartbeat City "Walker"

Rayannah "Growing Song"

Adam Hanney & Co. "Thirds"

Ghost Twin "Chymcal Wedding"

The Middle Coast "Paycheque"

The Noble Thiefs "I Died in America"

Kayla Luky "Bottom of a Bottle"

Petric "All She Wrote"

The Mariachi Ghost "Susana"

The Lytics "Friction"

Leaf Rapids "Virtual Machine"

Greg MacPherson "Submarines"

Red Moon Road "Breathing Slow"

The Small Glories "Had I Paid"

The Bros. Landreth "I Am The Fool"

Jess Reimer "Whippoorwill"

Attica Riots "Give It To Me"

Slow Leaves "Everybody Wants To Be In Love"

Crooked Brothers "Kennedy"

Erin Propp "He Cries (The Breathing)"

Sweet Alibi "Deep

Yes We Mystic "The Contest of Strength"

Indicator Indicator "Back Into the Fire"

Curtis Nowosad "Dialectics

Del Barber "Country Girl

Chic Gamine - "All Night"

Royal Canoe - "Exodus of the Year"

The JD Edwards Band - "Go On Home"

JP Hoe - "Nothing's Gonna Harm You"

Les Jupes - "What Am I Doing Here"

Federal Lights - "I See Love"

Boats - "We Got Tables And Chairs"

Keith and Renée - "Steamboat"